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Awaken the Angel in You
Pierre Baribeau is born in Quebec (Canada) in december 1979. Spiritual philosopher and french writer, his fields of expertise are metaphysics, theology and esoterism. His work is dedicated to the existence of specialized spirits and angelical beings living into the spiritual plane and influencing directly the inhabitants of the physical plane. His major influences are Plato, René Descartes, Allan Kardec, Carl Gustav Jung, Dr. Lobsang Rampa, Edgar Cayce, Jesus Christ and Buddha. His theories proposes that the humans and angelical beings share the same spiritual essence. The fate of each individual is to become an angel.
Diploma obtained
2007     -     Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy (UQAM, Montreal)     
Areas of Interest

   History of ancient civilizations

-     History of religions

-     History of esoterism and occult

-     Ancient philosophies

-     Oriental philosophies

-     Mythologies

-     Ancient and modern christianity

-     Psychology

Publications (French only)

2012     -     Le chevalier et la dame blanche

2013     -     La science des anges

2013     -     L'essentiel d'Allan Kardec

2014     -     Les chandelles de Lobsang Rampa

2014     -     Alice Bailey et le maître de sagesse

2014     -     Les architectes planétaires

2015     -     Résurgence de l'Atlantide

2015     -     L'essentiel de Léon Denis

2015     -     Annie Besant, une vie théosophique

2016     -     Rudolf Steiner et la sagesse de l'homme

2018     -     La rébellion des anges

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