Children of Light
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Human Being in the Spiritual Perspective

Human beings are God's creation. We are all his children. We have all in our soul a part of the deity, then we have in us the potential to become godlike. Without becoming as powerful as God himself, we have the potential to serve him as little gods. The most dedicated God's agents become his emissaries and instruments of his willpower. Some humans are attracted by evil and others are attracted by good. Only freewill and intelligence will help us to choose its path. All humans have a dignity, but those who lose their dignity become bad. Someone who loves money or material more than his own family is doomed to die alone and without love. We are all spiritual beings and we must love each other as brothers. The secret of love is forgiveness. We are all imperfect and we have all our burden. Stop to judge others without looking at yourself first, because what you blame others you could blame it at yourself.

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