Children of Light
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An universal spirituality
Religion is poison for the mind and dogmas are like toxins that weaken the judgment. The problem in general with religions is that they try to impose their supposed absolute knowledge to the most recalcitrant minds, sometimes by using deceit or often using the cruelest violence. To permanently put an end to unnecessary fratricidal wars, we need to replaced religions by an universal spirituality. By universal spirituality, we do not mean to impose a single way of thinking to everyone. Instead, we mean that it should never impose anything to anyone. Faith in a religion or another is a personal choice that we must respect.
God is pure love
God is the Father of all humans and all humans are his children. He doesn't love a human more than another or a group more than another. It is absurd to believe that only a chosen few benefit his unconditional love. God is infinitely good, infinitely just and infinitely merciful. He gave to humans freewill, so he knows that we are naturally imperfect. Do not believe that God is revolted at the slightest manifestation of our common imperfections. On the other hand, what God condemns is wickedness and cruelty exercised deliberately towards fellow men as a father who hates discord between his children. God is omniscient and omnipotent, but he is not a despot.
The law of oneness
There is only one God and all that exists, inanimate matter and animate beings, is the expression of his willpower. There is no true God or false God. This old belief comes from an archaic era. Those who claim that God is only favorable to them cause contempt and discord. There is only one God and all humans are his children. This is the reason why religious wars are absurd. Whatever name you use to refer to God this has no effect on him because all these names refer to one and the same divine entity.
The Sun as the symbol of the deity
The best symbol of God and the universal spirituality is the Sun, the Sun of the solar system. The Sun symbolizes at the same time three things: the absolute good, the absolute truth and universality. The Kings have long used the Sun as a propaganda of power and royalty. Regardless the place that each of us have in the world, the Sun shines in all its splendor by providing both heat and light to all beings without discrimination. Without its benefactors rays life on earth would be impossible. The Sun is the masculine principle and the Earth is the feminine principle. If God is our Father, then Earth is our Mother to all.
Nature is sacred
Gaia is the Earth spirit that ensure wellness of all living things. Nature is not a blind entity as foolishly believe several humans. Nature have an intelligence so advanced it escapes all human understanding. Human being is not superior to animals, because he is himself an animal. Our evolutionary advantage must be used to protect the most vulnerable creatures and not to enslave or destroy them.
The true nature of man is spiritual
Human is spiritual before being physical, he is spirit before being body, he is energy before being movement, he is vibration before being particles. In summary, human is an immortal spirit that spiritually evolve through a process of learning and moral purification called reincarnation. The spirit is the true self while the fleshly body is a vehicle at his disposal to experience the phenomenal world. You can hurt the body and even kill him, but nothing can kill the spirit preserved against mortality.
We are responsible for each other
We are all spiritual brothers, we all came from the same source and we all possess an intrinsic dignity. It is essential that we should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself and we should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated. God has given us freewill and we must use it wisely. As a result, we are fully responsible for our thoughts and actions. Human justice is imperfect, but divine justice is perfect. Each individual, after his death, receives a fair trial based on his good and bad actions.
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