Children of Light
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Planetary Intelligence
All living creatures and organized matter was created by planet Earth. Earth does not belong to man, it is man that belongs to Earth. Earth is a generous Mother that feeds all his children. Human and animal beings are one big family. We all share the same genetic inheritance. Evolution is the key of complexity and diversity of life on Earth. But scientists believe falsely that evolution is a total blind process. However, the cell considered as the simpliest natural organism could not be made by accident. Nature is so complex in its structures and manifests great aesthetic qualities that it must be the result of a remarkable Intelligence that actually exceeds our understanding. Take the example of the painter. His talent is often rewarded by his peers. However, his work is simply a reproduction of the original model. So why emphasizes only on the genius of the painter and not the genius of the nature ? Man is hypocritical. He does not want to recognize planetary intelligence to exploit nature until there is nothing left. Such is the logic of destruction of man corrupted by money and power.    
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