Children of Light
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Reincarnation is a very old Eastern belief that was exported into the West by early philosophers who had travelled all around the world. This belief has persisted until today in the New Age movement. Hindus and Buddhists believe that the human consciousness can be reborn into animal, insect or plant. But reincarnation in the New Age movement said that human spirit cannot regress in an animal form because he has already gone throught this step before. When we talk about reincarnation, we must talk about Karma also. Karma is the natural force who decides conditions of incarnation. A good spirit will have an easier life and an evil spirit will have a more difficult life. The life of a spirit is in the image of his morality. Human being is not perfect, but it can be improved. A spirit who has paid all his Karmic debts is free or not to reincarnate on Earth, where life is more painful. The Karma has no more control over him. Reincarnation also means spiritual evolution. The spirit that reincarnates grows constantly in morality, intelligence and wisdom.
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