Children of Light
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Spiritual Awakening
The mistake of human being lies in the illusion that fleshly body and organized matter are the ultimate reality. The mind is simply a manifestation of the brain. There is no transcendence and death means end of consciousness. This false materialistic belief trying to make you think that you are just a piece of meat without freewill. From cradle to grave, you are a puppet at the service of an alienate society. Work, eat, sleep and consume until you die like a little slave of the system. Spiritual awakening is the key of our freedom, the key of our true self. You were born as a divine being and society has made you a stupid animal. Stop lying to yourself, stop blindly accept what others says about you. They don't know you and they don't want to know you. They are lying to themselves. In this world full of crap, hatred and infinite body-mind control, your body is perhaps prisoner but your spirit is free from mental slavery. Love yourself and those who loves you and trust your God.
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