Children of Light
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Introduction to Spiritual Philosophy
Spiritual philosophy is the study of the spiritual plane called afterlife in parallel of the physical plane. Spiritual plane is inhabited by immortal beings called spirits. Before becoming flesh, all living things exists in his spiritual form. As the living, spirits in the afterlife are occupied with various specialized tasks and missions. At the time of its creation a spirit has no experience but has the potential to acquire it. To gain consciousness, he must incarnate in physical plane and gain experiences to enrich his intelligence. The spirit is our true self, the fleshly body is a vehicle controlled by the spirit as a captain pilot his boat. Spiritual plane is the real world while physical plane is a huge cosmic simulation. In this context, the spirit is similar to a video game player. In this huge cosmic simulation, spirit embodies a character somehow called ego. In the flesh, the spirit temporarily forgets his spiritual identity. The spirit dressed in his suit of flesh lives experiences adapted to his spiritual evolution. Some incarnations are more difficult than others.
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