Children of Light
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A Theory of History
We conceive time like a succession of events and maybe we are right to do so. Present succeeds to the past and future succeeds to the present as a line without end. But Albert Einstein's physics demonstrated that there is no such thing as objective time. In reality, time is subjective or relative to each individual. Some physicians says that the law of entropy rules the universe on all levels. This law stipulates that all form of organization tends to disrupt. From this disruption is created a new organization. We believe that this law of entropy also working on events of history. Any empire, as powerful as it is, collapses on itself when it has reached its limits. The best example is the roman empire which lasted eight centuries. The capitalist era is coming to an end, because it has reached its limits. When this era will collapse on itself, it will not be the end, but rather the beginning of a new era, a Golden Age. The largest civilization that existed on Earth was Atlantis. One day, population from Atlantis decided to separate from his creators. From this moment, humankind became corrupt and pride and Atlantis has started to decline.
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